Last Cannibal World 1976

director: Ruggero Deodato  




Alternative Titles

  • Ultimo mondo cannibale
  • Le dernier monde cannibale
  • Mondo Cannibale 2. Teil - Der Vogelmensch
  • The Last Survivor
  • Jungle Holocaust
  • Cannibal



This is a true story. It happened in 1974 among a Stone Age tribe which only recently came to light on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.
An American oil researcher, Robert Harper, flew over to visit one of his company's camps on the island. From that moment, when he found the base camp destroyed and its occupants missing, Robert Harper lived through a fantastic ordeal which led him finally to experiment with cannibalism himself - this was really necessary for his survival.
The Director, Ruggero Deodato, insisted on shooting the film with maximum realism, therefore he took the entire film crew to the actual place where the events took place. As can be imagined it wasn't easy working in an area inhabited by these Stone Age cannibals and a detachment of soldiers was needed to protect the crew. This still didn't prevent one of the technicians disappearing and no trace of him was ever found.
The most startling adventure occurred during the third week of shooting. One afternoon one of the armed escorts ran onto the set shouting that very close to the location something incredible was happening. Two members of the troup managed to get a camera and to film, undetected, the most blood-curdling scene. About ten savages, among them natives who had taken part in the film shooting, were eating meat, obviously human limbs, around a fire. This sequence was actually put onto film and is now part of the picture.
In another sequence of the film, the elaborate ritual of preparation for the feast has been reconstructed down to the last detail. Other customs and ceremonies shown are a boy's arm being eaten away into the bone by ants, as he had obviously committed some crime: the python kill: the killing and eating of a crocodile: a battle between a snake and a flying fox: a python devouring a colossal iguana and many, many other amazing scenes.
The rights of love have been faithfully reconstructed. The tribe that captured Robert Harper was composed almost exclusively of men, because girls are instantly killed at birth. The point of this is to select the individuals most fitted for the fight of survival in the jungle. The few women who are spared are marked from adolescence to become child producers for the entire group. It is with these that the men couple haphazardly when the girls are of age to bear children.
After his escape from the tribe Robert Harper returned to Manila, where he remained under shock treatment for four months. Short after his recovery, he quit his job and retired to a small farm in Mexico where he is still living, trying to forget this terrible experience which is almost beyond imagination.
The part of Robert Harper is played by Massimo Foschi and Me Me Lai plays the part of Pulan, the girl who helped him escape.

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