I Spit on Your Grave 1978

director: Meir Zarchi  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • Day of the Woman



This woman has just... cut, chopped, broken and burned four men beyond recognition... but no jury in America would ever convict her!
Jennifer Hills is a New York magazine writer on a vacation in an isolated countryside. While secluded in the house she has rented, she meets Matthew, a semi-retarded man who delivers groceries for the local store. Seeing the reverence and desire that Matthew has for her, some of the men in town, determined to make Jennifer his first sexual experience. They kidnap her, strip her, and present her to Matthew. He retreats in fear, but Johnny rapes her. She escapes. As she tries to find her way home, the men ambush her, beat her, and rape her again. They leave her, and she makes her way home. But inside the house, the men wait for her. When she enters, they beat her and harrass her. Matthew eventually give in to his friends' coaxing and participates in the rape. The men leave the bloody unconscious woman on the floor of the house. Later they return to the house to find out if Jennifer is really dead. Seeing the men awakes an animal rage within her and she turns into a creature with no emotions and only one goal... revenge! She kills each man in a unique, elaborate manner. She makes love to Matthew and then hangs him. She seduces Johnny in the bathtub and castrates him. The others go out to avenge their friends' murders, only to confront Jennifer and come to violent and shocking ends.

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Distributor Astra
Catalogue Number WV016
Release Series
Release Date January 1982
Duration: 96m 47s
Printed Classification
Notes Trailers: None

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User Reviews:
by Bigandy
A gruelling rape-revenge movie which some have cited as pro-feminist and others have stated as sick and mysoginistic. Certainly the protracted rape of Jennifer Hills, here played by Camille Keaton, is brutal and harrowing, but the revenge she inflicts on her defilers is equally as brutal and nasty. Here the crime really does warrant the punishment and few viewers could deny the perpetrators "had it coming". One of the key films in the video nasties furore, I Spit on Your Grave has since been re-issued in censored form in the UK, and more recently remade. Thankfully, the film-makers didn't go with any soft option with the remake. Its nice to know that, even now, Jennifer Hills is out there somewhere in the backwoods, making 'em suffer!