Porky's 1981

director: Bob Clark  






The RAUNCHIEST Movie about growing up ever made!
The hilarious, rowdy and raunchy insight into the zany antics of six, sex-mad American teenagers, who all share the same interests, basketball, girls and how to get laid. Desperate to prove their manhood, they are hypnotically drawn to the notorious Porky's, where, for a price, their amorous daydreaming can become a night-time reality. But, having paid their money, the owner has them thrown into the swamp. They decide to take revenge. One way or another, they will get even with Porky and Co... any way they can!

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Distributor CBS/FOX
Catalogue Number 1149-50
Release Series
Release Date December 1983
Duration: 94m 02s
Printed Classification
User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Everyone knows (or knew) someone who thinks Porky's is a high watermark of film comedy. In the interests of writing a fair review, I recently watched it for the first time in years, and it's even worse than I remember it from the eighties when you-know-who watched it more times than Barbara Windsor's had her arse wrecked. The photography is terrible. The sound design is all shot to hell - dialogue out of sync, dubbed on looped laughter, tinny oldies playing in the background. The acting is dire. What really sinks it, though, is how mean-spirited it all is. The attitude to women is horrendous, sex is regarded as something to be feared and disgusted by rather than being something to enjoy. The only sex scene is ridiculous - Kim Cattrall howling away in the locker room (she gets a pair of sweaty socks crammed in her mouth because it's apparently not permitted for women to enjoy sex) with all the morons on the basketball team screaming with laughter in the gym. How the hell could they hear that over the sound of twenty-odd basketballs bouncing? One of the gang is abused by his father and we're meant to feel sorry for him, even though he's rabidly anti-Semitic. Then there's the big finale. Using one chainsaw, one pick-up truck and two speedboats, they SOMEHOW manage to pull a combined knocking shop and boozer the size of an aircraft hangar into a swamp. Yeah, good luck with that. And we're asked to overlook the fact that they've effectively destroyed one man's livelihood, his business and his career, probably killing a few prostitutes and customers in doing so, because hey, he's a fat redneck who had the temerity to drop our 'heroes' in a swamp. If you love this film, fine. But please keep it to yourself.