The Violators 1983

director: Jeff Hathcock  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • Victims!



An orgy of rape and revenge.... THEY GAVE RAPE A BAD NAME!
Gromek, a convicted rapist, is released after so-called rehabilitation. He loses no time in reverting to his former practices and, with another like-minded fiend, embarks on a rampage of robbery, murder - and rape. Victims of the latter are four attractive girls on a motoring holiday. Brutalised and humiliated, they eventually manage to turn the tables on their violators: one is killed, the other turned over to the full force of the law...


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Distributor Avatar (CBS/FOX)
Catalogue Number 6240-50
Release Series
Release Date July 1983
Printed Classification
Notes ** Not released **
User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Better known as [i]Victims![/i] (although 'better known' is strictly relative, considering how obscure this film is), [i]the Violators[/i] was another planned release from CBS/Fox's less prestigious Avatar imprint that got shoved onto the back burner indefinitely when the whole video nasty craze began to generate an overwhelming stench that no amount of open windows or air fresheners could easily dissipate. Look at the prospective sleeve design, for God's sake - 'they gave rape a bad name'? Tasteful, Avatar, very tasteful. Lest anyone should think this is actually an unfairly maligned masterpiece sacrificed on the crucible of political correctness, [i]the Violators[/i] is in fact a tawdry, micro-budgeted and unappealingly mean-spirited dual knock-off of [i]Last House on the Left[/i] and [i]I Spit On Your Grave[/i], only without the crude-but-effective social commentary of the former film or the unsettling combination of unflinching brutality and memorable retribution of Zarchi's film. Shot over a meager two-week period by one Jeff Hathcock, [i]the Violators[/i] was pretty much a career dead-end for everyone involved, though a Blu-Ray has recently been made available for the faithful few who apparently can't live without it. Don't go expecting wonders, though - the original elements have long been lost (presumably destroyed) so the Blu-Ray has been mastered from an old Betamax tape!