The Fall of the House of Usher 1979

director: James L. Conway  



United States



A house contaminated by evil and a secret too ghastly to bear
The tale begins with the arrival of a mysterious letter to Jonathan Cresswell, a young architect. Sent by an old friend, Roderick Usher, the letter implores Cresswell to come to the House of Usher to make some badly needed repairs. His curiosity aroused by the urgent tone of the letter, Jonathan reluctantly accepts. Shortly after his arrival, Roderick takes Jonathan to a secret room where he tells the hideous truth about the house. Long before it was transported piece by piece from Europe, it was a place for the worship of evil. Enraged by the family's attempts to drive the evil spirits out of what is now the Ushers' property, the devil places a curse on the family.

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Distributor HVM
Catalogue Number VMH028
Release Series
Release Date September 1982
Duration: 93m 36s
Printed Classification
Notes Released as a large oversized Carton
User Reviews:
by Yorkie
There is simply no substitute for superb writing and originality. Taken from the the pages of Edgar Allan Poe's famous story this made for TV adaptation didnt disapoint. Eerily spooky in parts with an edge of the seat ending it follows the tale of the friend of one of the Ushers who is ailing from a family curse. The friend is called upon for his engineering skills to save the 700 year old house that's colllapsing and taking the last remaining Ushers with it. Pehaps one crtique would be the cheap (ish) looking TV sets and by modern standards lack of gore, but as it was likely a TV production thats not surprising and it didnt mar the overall experiance with all the gore and violence off screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, great performances, and a cracking storyline, but then victorian based horror tales are some of my favorites and Poe is the master at this kind of tale. Deffo worth a watch if you have it in your collection.