The Little Convict 1979

director: Yoram Gross  






The story begins in old Sydney Town, in the colony of New South Wales. A new batch of convicts just arrived from England includes young Toby Nelson, his sister Polly, Jack Doolan the highwayman, the blacksmith Big George and old Dipper the pickpocket.
Polly is assigned as a servant to the Governor’s wife while Toby and his friends are sent to the Government Farm to work under the tyrannical overseers, Sergeant Bully Langden and Corporal Weazel Wesley.
When the soldiers shoot a female koala, Toby keeps the baby koala as a pet and soon it is accompanying Toby everywhere. Bully’s continual cruelty to the convicts culminates in the death of old Dipper.
Jack Doolan, tearing a similar fate, runs away to the bush and Big George is imprisoned for helping him to escape. Later, Toby himself “goes bush” to find Jack. Together they will return and rescue George from his prison cell. Toby becomes lost and is saved from death by the aboriginal boy, Wahroonga.
Eventually the two boys find Jock Doolan, and the three plan and carry out a spectacular rescue mission in Sydney Town. Wahroonga, who as a mysterious power of communication with the animals, enlists their help and George is freed amidst a chaotic, hilarious stampede of bush birds and animals.
In the excitement, the Governor’s residence catches fire, trapping Polly end the Governor’s wife. Toby and his companions, giving up their chance of freedom, return to the town and rescue the trapped women.
In gratitude, the Governor pardons the convicts and gives them all land grants to start their own farms.
ROLF HARRIS plays an old storyteller and performs songs including: JAKE THE PEG, WILD COLONIAL BOY, BOTANY BAY, THE IRON GANG SONG and others.


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Distributor Intermovie
Catalogue Number IM019
Release Series
Release Date November 1983
Duration: 76m 58s
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