Mark of the Devil 1969

director: Michael Armstrong  




West Germany

Alternative Titles

  • Hexen bis aufs Blut geqult



Austria, 1700. Albino (REGGIE NALDER) is a witchfinder who terrorises the countryside with his cruel religious persecutions. He fears his lucrative reign is ended with the arrival of a young Baron, Christian (UDO KIER) and Jeff Wilkins (HERBERT FLUX), disciple and executioner to the religious fanatic, Count Cumberland. In a drunken rage, Albino attacks Vanessa (OLIVERA VUCO), a fiery peasant girl, accusing her of witchcraft. Christian intervenes and orders Albino to be flogged in public. Christian is obviously attracted to Vanessa, but his passion cools with the arrival of Cumberland (HERBERT LOM). Albino seeking vengeance, seizes Vanessa and brings her before Cumberland, who throws her into prison to await trial. Albino, still intent on regaining his former power, hits on Cumberland's weakness - he it impotent. Enraged, Cumberland kills Albino in front of Christian who is finally disillusioned. Christian frees Vanessa, who arouses the townspeople to rebellion, but he is seized and killed as a traitor by the angry mob. That night Vanessa sits alone with his body, the innocent victim of a cruel and superstitious age.


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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-A0343
Release Series
Release Date November 1981
Duration: 92m 27s
Printed Classification
Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
User Reviews:
by Bigandy
How this film never made the infamous DPP list is beyond me. Its legacy is legendary - the first film rated V for violence; when screened in US cinemas patrons were given a vomit bag to help them through the most sickening scenes. Incredibly sadistic scenes of torture. Extreme violence. Just what the doctor ordered back in the early 80s when video was new and horror was King in video stores nationwide. The film stars Herbert Lom as a renowned witchfinder, and Udo Kier as his apprentice in Middle Ages Europe where witchcraft was ripe. According to the introduction, millions died accused of the crime of witchcraft, burned at the stake, tortured by the witchfinders. But Kier is torn between his dedication to the cause and his attraction for a local girl accused of witchcraft. The film is shocking, stylised, has a tremendous score, and a bitter ending. Its a long way from the Hammer horrors of the time. Recommended!