Rabid 1976

director: David Cronenberg  







You can't trust your mother, your best friend, your next door neighbour... one minute they're perfectly normal THE NEXT... RABID
What begins as a pleasure motorcycle ride for Rose and her boyfriend, Hart, turns into a frightenlng and horrifying experience. The nightmare Rose endures is all due to a sudden and unexpected accident... Critically injured with massive burns to her abdomen, Rose undergoes emergency surgery at the Keloid Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Den Keloid, the director of the institute, uses daring and experimental surgical techniques to save her life. Though successful, the operation leaves Rose in a deep coma. Her destroyed organs, unable to assimilate or digest solid foods, are bypassed through intravenous and whole blood feedings. During her recovery period Rose's body responds in a terrifying manner. She awakens from the coma with a ravenous appetite - for blood. The terror spreads as her victims, driven into a frenzied rage, in turn attack and contaminate others. First the clinic, then the countryside, finally, the city. As the disease spreads, the police and the health authorities race against time to discover the cause and develop a vaccine. Rose, having escaped from the clinic, hides herself in a girl friend's apartment completely unaware that she is the sole cause and carrier this deadly infection. The epidemic, now seriously out of control, forces civil authorities to declare martial law. The infected are systematically destroyed. Others, who have escaped the virulent disease are inoculated en masse, under military guard. Decontamination teams sweep the city, collecting bodies of the diseased victims. Finally becoming aware that she is the cause of this widespread disease, Rose lakes drastic measures to end the nightmare.

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Distributor Alpha (Intervision)
Catalogue Number A-A0354
Release Series
Release Date July 1981
Duration: 87m 00s
Printed Classification
Notes First release, carton
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