Special Delivery 1976

director: Paul Wendkos  



United States



He robs banks, she's just crazy. Graf is a killer. Snake and the gang want her. The mob wants ½ a million. Bo Svensen & Cybil Shepherd in this all action thriller.

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User Reviews:
by Yorkie
Don't be fooled by the shit artwork, in fact this title was royally done over when it came to packaging, three pre cert releases and they're all as appealing as cold porridge. Even IMDB has a badly creased and folded poster as its artwork entry. This is a far from inadequate little bank robbery thriller starring a few to be big names including Bo Svensen, Cybil Sheppherd and even a small early part by Jeff Goldblum as a hapless biker. Bo and his nam buddies rob a bank after being unable to find work coming back from the war. The robbery is pretty slick and filmed well and looks like they will get away with it until the final part of the escape. Jack Murdock (Bo) is the only gang member to avoid the clutches of the cops and stashes his bag of swag in a post box. Well a few curtain twitchers spot this, put two and two together and the chase is on to gain entry to the post box before the pesky postie arrives to empty it. Cybil Sheppherd is the new love interest and looking fine she is too in this early effort from '76. The hero of the piece is a likeable character and the baddies naturally not. The bikers are to be honest very clichéd and this is even noted by one of the leads. Their presence actually dumbs down a very decent effort in the whole. Throw in a drug pusher played by Michael.C.Gwynne in a guise that's not unrecognisable to many later performances by Steve Buscemi and some mob sters who want the cash and voila! Not that any of this could be garnered from the half arsed synopsis on the back of this title, no wonder its quite elusive as no one would pick it up as a rental. Grab it if you can, there are many worse ways to spend 90 minutes. Overall enjoyable action thriller, if at the lighter end of the genre.