Rip Off 1973

director: Manolis Tsafos  



United States, Greece

Alternative Titles

  • The Con Men
  • The Greek Way
  • Rip-Off
  • Road to Las Vegas



"Rip off" is a 20th Century Odyssey Adventure Comedy. Two young Greek fugitives, one honest and innocent, the other a small time crook looking for adventure and easy money, pool their fortunes in search of the gold at the end of the American rainbow. John, the innocent, finds instead the thrill and danger of the road, the panorama of cross-country America, and the mysteries and pleasures of sexual freedom in America's youth culture - so far away from his native Greek village. Mario finds himself in the dog eat dog world of deadly underworld crime and dangerous syndicate operations. The film climbs to an intense climax as two skyjackers, two syndicate hit men, and John and Mario fight for survival aboard the plane. The hit men try to abort the skyjacking, afraid that their prey will escape. Suddenly, the second Skyjacker emerges and the hit men are killed, their bodies dumped onto the runway. With two bodies to back up their threats, the skyjackers demands of $500,000 and four parachutes are met - and the plane takes off with John, Mario and all passengers, all terrified victims of desperate killers. Shot on location in Greece, New York, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New Mexico, "Rip Off" literally takes off on a vast panorama of the New World, newly discovered, and filled with deadly crime, high adventure, and sexual discovery.

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Distributor Oscar
Catalogue Number 10904
Release Series
Release Date March 1982
Duration: 74m 00s
Printed Classification
Notes Distributed by LVC. Also credited on sleeve: Barbara Bourbon, Vasilis Koudounis
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