The Fruit Is Ripe 1976

director: Siggi Götz  



West Germany

Alternative Titles

  • Griechische Feigen
  • Greek Figs



Patricia, the daughter of a wealthy German industrialist who lives in Athens, goes home for her yearly vacation. She is very bored with this annual trip and is desperate for a change of scene and some action. Her parents leave her at the airport departure hall, but as soon as they drive off she gives her ticket to a stranger, and starts her search for adventure. She s picked up by a good-looking man in a sports car who drives her to his country house, he makes love to her, only to be disturbed by the sudden appearance of his wife. Patricia is shaken but not put off she meets up with a very sexually liberated couple who are camping, they invite her to spend the night with them, and in their tent she experiences things that she has never known. She moves on the following day, and meets two German tourists who mistake Patricia for a Greek girl, they discuss her body in a very descriptive fashion thinking that she does not understand. Patricia is amused but suddenly the boys get excited and try to rape her. She puts up a terrific struggle and manages to break away from them, she steals their car and drives to a fishing village, she boards a ship for one of the Greek Islands. She meets up with Wyn, who is sailing his yacht through the Aegean Sea. Its love at first sight and they sail off together, but after a few days Wyn, becomes suspicious of her and leaves her. In the ruins of Delos she meets a photographer Bernard, he persuades Patricia to pose for him in the nude, trying to forget Wyn she allows Bernard to make love to her, and she takes pictures of them performing all sorts of sex acts, she is furious and shocked. She goes off in search of Wyn and finds him with another girl. Patricia, however is now more understanding after all her experiences of the last few days she decides to stay with Wyn.

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Distributor Precision
Catalogue Number VARPV2593
Release Series
Release Date January 1983
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