Massacre Mansion 1975

director: Michael Pataki  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • Mansion of the Doomed
  • The Terror of Dr. Chaney
  • Eyes (Of Dr. Channey)



We dare you to find out what's inside!
Dr. Leonard Chaney (Richard Basehart), an eccentric, world renowned eye surgeon, has been experimenting for some time with the possibility of transplanting from one human to another. His work has now become an obsession, for he wants to have his beautiful but blinded daughter Nancy, regain her sight, lost in a tragic car accident. Chaney blames himself for this tragedy, for he was at the wheel at the time of the accident, and he will do anything in his power to help his daughter!!


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Distributor VIPCO
Catalogue Number VIP059
Release Series
Release Date June 1983
Duration: 82m 47s
Printed Classification
Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book Shock! Horror!
User Reviews:
by Yorkie
Aww, this is a sweet lil' ole horror film. Pretty inoffensive in most parts and well made for its budget and time. Dr Chaney is a bit of a klutz and stacks his jam jar with his daughter in tow. His poor fateful offspring is blinded by the accident and the ole Doc is left traumatised by the incident and riddled with guilt. Fortunately Dr Chaney just happens to be a specialist optical surgeon, best in his field in fact and has the bananas idea that an entire eye can be transplanted without destroying the optical nerve. Numerous waifs and strays now come and go from nannies to look after the blind daughter to drunks and hobos and even robbers, all get their peepers nicked by the devilish doc. Each operation fails after the semi successful original, hence the consistent eyeball pilfering. leaving his daughter more facially disfigured after each attempt. Thing is, he's a doctor and at heart believes he will, once cracked the code, return the sight to all his victims hence why he doesn't 'off' them but keeps them in a cell in the basement. That is until the final piece, you can guess what happens as the ending is an anticipatable affair. Its a predictable enough is  Massacre Mansion but overall a decent little horror for the time. Acting, dialogue and story line are all adequate. The special effects make up looks very dated now but is still gruesome enough to work (ish) and at times does make you ponder on the proposition of blindness and its pitfalls. It took me a while to slide this one into the VCR as I was told some years back that its a pretty dark print and it is but not that detrimental that it spoils the show. You could do a lot worse than kick back for 90 mins with this kiddie as a trip back to '80's horror of a vanilla hue. But sometimes you want a break from Ben an Jerry's Raspberry ripple with liquorice blue berry.... Strangely its one of the few small boxes that Vipco kicked out too.