The Mad Butcher 1970

director: Guido Zurli  



Italy, West Germany

Alternative Titles

  • Strangler of Vienna
  • Lo strangolatore di Vienna
  • Der W?rger Kommt auf Leisen Socken
  • L'etrangleur de Vienne
  • Meat Is Meat
  • Strangler of Vienna



Wait 'til you learn what mixture of meats go into these incredible sausages..!
Vienna, 1934. The beautiful city of Strauss waltzes. The calm serenity of this lovely European capitol is shattered by the mysterious disappearances of young, beautiful girls. The police are baffled by the complete lack of the corpus delicti. All evidence leads to the butcher shop of Otto Lehman. Lehman has just been released from Dr. Kramer's Home for the Mentally Disturbed. However, subsequent investigation does not discover one clue. The Chicago Tribune's roving reporter and somewhat of an amateur detective, Mike Warren, insists that he is going to prove that Otto Lehman is responsible for the disappearances. One of the possible victims is Mrs. Lehman, whose disappearance was reported to the police by her brother, who also suspects Lehman. Eventually, the brother disappears also. Aside from the police allegations, Otto Lehman's sausages are becoming fashionable. Word of mouth among the sausage epicures of Vienna has created a demand for the Lehman produce. No sausage manufacturer would reveal his successful recipe and Lehman is no exception. Everyone agrees that Lehman has discovered some 'secret' ingredient that makes his sausages, head and shoulders above the others. However, the downfall of Lehman comes from his own creation - his sausage. Without revealing the surprise ending, the clues surface and Lehman gets his just desserts.

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Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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