Enter the Dragon 1973

director: Robert Clouse  



Hong Kong, United States

Alternative Titles

  • Lung-Cheng-Hu Tou
  • The Deadly Three



The legendary Bruce Lee. Unknown in 1971. Two years later, an international cult hero - and star of the biggest martial arts epic ever filmed, Enter The Dragon. Enter The Dragon takes Lee into the island fortress of a warlord of crime, Han, who carries on his opium smuggling and prostitution activities under the disguise of a martial arts academy. Determined to avenge the death of his sister, Lee penetrates Han's stronghold and enters the brutal martial arts tournament Han is staging. Then follows a visual feast of spectacular martial arts matches that combine skills in karate, judo, tai kwan do, tai chi chuan, and hapkido. Bruce Lee staged these fighting sequences himself, demonstrating experienced awareness of film rhythm and dramatic timing as well as mastery of the martial arts that made him famous. Joining Lee in Enter The Dragon is John Saxon, whose fine martial arts technique comes from long study of karate and tai chi chuan. The film also introduces Jim Kelly, 1971 International Middleweight Karate Champion. Other outstanding martial arts specialists whose talents lend realism to Enter The Dragon include Bob Wall, 1970 United States Professional Karate Champion; Peter Archer, 1971 Commonwealth Karate Champion; Yang Sze, Shotokan Champion of Southeast Asia, and Angela Mao Ying; Black Belt Hapkido Champion of Okinawa. Bruce Lee's own performance, as actor and fighter, demonstrates all the qualities that have kept his reputation alive since his untimely death in 1973. In action, he moves with the speed and confidence of a cat swatting at string. Even in repose, his understated presence is magnetic. The martial arts enthusiasm he helped inspire still continues, and crowds still gather wherever his films are shown. Whatever "star quality" may be, Bruce Lee had it.

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Distributor Warner
Catalogue Number PEVN1006
Release Series
Release Date December 1980
Duration: 94m 51s
Printed Classification
Notes First release (no certificate), with cast card. White label, uncut version
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