Jane Fonda's Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery Workout 1983

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Jane Fonda's Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery Workout is designed to help women live as gracefully as possible through the rapid physical changes involved in becoming a mother.

To Prepare for Your Workout:

1. Discuss your intention to do these exercises with your physician.
2. Arrange a draft-free corner in your house where you can see the television screen as your workout space. You will need two pillows; an exercise pad (or two folded blankets or, if your floor is carpeted, a large towel to protect you from dust and fibers; and a large mirror - an inexpensive dressing mirror will do, placed so you can see yourself and the television screen. [sic]
3. Choose an attractive outfit in which you can move freely; an outfit which reveals the contours of your body so you can see yourself work. 4. Choose the time of day which is most likely to allow you one hour of uninterrupted work at least three times a week. Then try not to let that time pass without exercising. Unplug your phone, empty your bladder, get dressed for your Workout, turn on the program and have a good time.

To Exercise Safely and See Results:

1. Watch yourself in the mirror while watching the TV set.
2. Stop when you need to; shake out the tired muscle and return to exercise if you can. Don't push yourself. Work up to the amount of repetitions we do gradually.
3. To Jane Fonda's right and left are two workout teachers. Marianne Black and Susan Kawasima Blake - when in doubt about how to do an exercise as a pregnant woman or new mother, watch them for correct technique.
4. If an exercise hurts, check to see if you are doing it correctly - if it still hurts leave that one out. Try it again in a few days; the baby may have changed position.
5. The Triangle Pose and the Tough stretch are likely to present you with a challenge. Watch them a few times and memorize how to get up before doing it with us because, at first, you might not be able to hold stretches as long as we do.
6. In the last weeks of your pregnancy after your Workout access the program to the Skills For Birth, because practicing those skills will be easier when you are relaxed. When you practice the Skills For Birth in a side lying position it is better to turn on your left side since that position allows for optimal circulation for you and your baby during labor.
7. If this is your first baby watch the section on Baby Massage and Infant Care a few times during the last weeks of your pregnancy so you will feel more confident as a new Mother.

In Using the workout to Speed Your Recovery:

1. Until all post-partum bleeding has ceased don t practice those exercises in which buttocks are higher than the shoulders in order to avoid air rushing into the still open blood vessels at the placental site.
2. From then on try to do the Recovery Section at least every other day, and on days when you have more time, do the full Workout.

With our best wishes for you and your baby - Jane Fonda and Femmy De Lyser

The instruction and advice presented on this video cassette are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR before beginning this or any regime of exercise. The producers, authors and distributors Disclaim any liability or loss, personal or otherwise resulting from the procedures on this video cassette.

Session I Opening
Session II Pregnancy and Recovery Workout 00:55
Session III Recovery Workout Cont. 44:06
Session IV Skills for Birth 1:04:25
Session V Baby Massage and Infant Care 1:15:30


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