Electric Light Orchestra - Live at Wembley 1978

director: Mike Mansfield  



Great Britain

Alternative Titles

  • ELO - Live in Concert



The magic of ELO - Live! You'd expect one of the world's most successful and popular bands to set a new standard for spectacular, live performance. And here's the group that continues to do it! The Electric Light Orchestra! For nearly a decade, leader Jeff Lynne has guided the band to the top of the charts with remarkable musical creations - from their unique rock-with-strings epic "Beethoven's Fifth Symphony/Roll Over Beethoven" to hard-driving hits like "Living Thing" and "Evil Woman". And few bands have been as successful as ELO in bringing their hit sound into the concert hall. It's an exciting and luxurious sound, combining classical elegance with the most modern electronic instruments ELO present their songs in a style befitting the music, with one of the most dazzling displays in all of rock. For this concert at London's Wembley Pool, sixty labourers worked for two days to assemble the mammoth structure - the five-ton spaceship with laser beams and coloured lights that opens the show. The concert attended by eighty thousand fans, is one of ELO's best. Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy, Hugh McDowell, Kelly Groucutt, Melvyn Gale, and Mik Kaminski perform hits such as "Mr Blue" [sic], "Turn to Stone", "Do Ya", "Telephone Line" and much, much more.

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Distributor CBS/FOX
Catalogue Number 7021-50
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Notes Track listing: Standin' in the Rain; Night in the City; Turn to Stone; Tightrope; Telephone Line; Rockaria!; Wild West Hero; Showdown; Sweet Talkin' Woman; Mr. Blue Sky; Do Ya; Livin' Thing; Roll Over Beethoven
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