Search for the Evil One 1967

director: Joseph Kane  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Search for the Evil One



Hitler is alive. Find him! Israeli agents have evidence that not only Martin Borman (Henry Brandon) but Hitler (Pitt Herbert) is alive and living in South America. Anton Becker (Lee Paterson) is asked to co-operate and to use his girl friend Ellen Meyer (Lisa Pera) to help him as she goes with her father Karl (Ivan Triesault) to the villa where Hitler is believed to be hiding. Anton is invited to join Ellen and Karl for a visit to the Andes. Near a mission station his assistant is shot by an arrow from Karl's bow - seemingly an accident. At the mission station a former sweetheart is serving as a doctor and both feel the stirrings of their old romance. Ellen, Karl and Anton eventually arrive at the villa and are met by Martin Borman and Nazi guards. Anton Becker gains the confidence of Borman and is invited to a special meeting which is held in a replica of the Berlin bunker. An old but dynamic Hitler appears and outlines plans for Operation Fourth Reich - the progressive take-over of selected countries. Becker signals a group of heavily armed Israeli agents in the mountains nearby but is then discovered by Borman. Torture, a hunt by Nazi bowmen with Anton Becker as the 'game' for their arrows and a tremendous mortar barrage build up into a very explosive finale with Hitler running towards a minefield - to escape or be blown to pieces. Does Hitler survive? Will the nearby National troops find the Evil One? will [sic] they be able to put an end to the Fourth Reich? - Exhaustively exciting.

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Distributor Magical Video Movies
Catalogue Number CH11
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Duration: 78m 13s
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Notes Alternative sleeve. Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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