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Default Welcome to Pre Certification Video!

Welcome to Pre Certification Video, the ultimate source for information on UK pre-cert videos and rare video releases from around the world.

Our forums are private, so you will need to register before you can read and post messages.

We maintain the world's largest database of UK pre-cert video releases which currently lists over 13,000 titles on VHS, Betamax, V2000, laserdisc and CED disc, issued between the earliest days of the home video format right up to 1985.

NEW! We have now added an Australian pre-cert video database, with over 3,000 titles currently listed. Complete cover art is being prepared for upload, so watch this space. If you would like to contribute cover images and info, please contact us.

We have a lively collector's discussion forum so feel free to sign up and join in the chat.

Link: What is a "pre cert" video?
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