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Originally Posted by Hellochas View Post
Hey, I'm just try to make it easier for the seller concerned. If folk don't want to do that perhaps your lardy remark could serve as a negative reminder.

As a proponent of the anonymous bid, wouldn't it have been better to affirm that this was in fact a helpful point?
Just let them get on with it Martin. You needn't concern yourself. Issuing 'reminders' to bidders on codes of conduct that haven't even been established never mind agreed upon, smacks less of 'polite reminder' and more of 'i want to establish/impose a new rule'.

The bidder has absolutely no obligation or motivation whatsoever to do this since it is the sellers reputation that is on the line should the forum police jump to conclusions (as is normal here) and tar someone with the 'shiller' brush. As such, the seller should look out for themselves and ensure that if they accept anonymous bids and feel it necessary to protect their reputation, they can take all of 10 seconds to fire off a pm to a moderator themselves.

If sellers now believe bidders are doing this task for them, it opens the door to misunderstandings and ill feeling should the bidder forget or choose not to.

As such, i'm an advocate of the 'if something is worth doing do it yourself' school of thought coupled with the 'if it aint broken don't fix it' philosophy with a large pinch of the laisser-faire approach to transactions.
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