The Twilight Zone 1983

director: John Landis   George Miller   Steven Spielberg   Joe Dante  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • Twilight Zone - The Movie



Four eerie outings in a landscape of the mind.
"Hey: do you want to see something really scary?" If you do, you‘ve come to the right zone. Rod Serling’s legendary Twilight Zone taught a whole generation of TV viewers to explore the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Now Twilight Zone-The Movie takes you even deeper into this strange and fearful dimension of the mind, in the company of four film directors with powerful visions of their own. John Landis (National Lampoon's Animal House, Trading Places) starts things off with a one-line shocker starring Dan Aykroyd and Alfred Brooks-and then creates the worst of all worlds for a rampant racist, superbly played by the late Vic Morrow. Steven Spielberg (ET) takes up the baton with a magical, bittersweet lesson in eternal youth, featuring Scatman Crothers as an elder pied piper who offers the aged a second chance at life. Joe Dante (Piranha, The Howling) drives you to the front door of a house ruled,quite literally, by a star Kathleen Quinlan learns when she tries to leave. Finally, George Miller (Mad Max, The Road Warrior) carries you into a storm at 30,000 feet, with john Lithgow as a paranoid passenger whose fear of flying turns into a real nightmare. Each episode has its own distinct style and flavor. Each tells you a little more about the tricks your mind can play...and the secret wonders or terrors that lie just beneath the surface of our comfortable, everyday existence. Twilight Zone-The Movie will delight you with humor, move you with beauty, yet always keep you on the razor edge of tension. Like 1982’s hit Creepshow, this is the state of the art in cinema horror—but like the classic Dead of Night,it's also a little bit more. And more is what you’ll beg for!

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