The Best of Sex and Violence 1981

director: Ken Dixon  




United States



Condensing all the sex and violence from a ninety minute film into a three minute trailer (coming attraction) with artistry, imagination, and a sense of humor often creates a new entity entertaining unto itself. The trailer is invariably better than the picture it represents. The Best of Sex and Violence compresses all the entertaining elements from forty of the most lurid features of the last decade into one exploitation extravaganza - the ultimate orgy and sex and violence - a non-stop cavalcade of terrific trailers. THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE is a mini-marathon of teasing tits and asses, stimulation for the masses, kung fu killers and samurai thrillers, jive blacks, maniac killers, power packed punches, a monster that crunches, car crashes and sex bashes, women in chains, bikers without brains, machine gun mamas and death defying dramas. Every area of exploitation is represented. The various categories are organized and interspersed with hilarious live-action commentary by our resident sociological expert John Carradine, himself a living icon of exploitation films. The cumulative effect of such condensed mayhem creates a bombardment of the senses that must be seen to be believed!

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Distributor Astra
Catalogue Number WV024
Release Series Ad Hoc Purple Sleeve Generic
Release Date May 1982
Duration: 76m 03s
Printed Classification
Notes Trailers for: Bury Me an Angel, The Doberman Gang, Tunnel Vision, The Sin of Adam & Eve, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Fairytales, Emanuelle around the World, Tanya's Island, I Spit on Your Grave, Tourist Trap, The Boogeyman, Zombie, The Single Girls, The Working Girls, The Manhandlers, Dr. Minx, Truck Stop Women, The Twilight People, Beyond Atlantis, The Devils Wedding Night, Sweet Sugar, Terminal Island, Ebony, Ivory & Jade, Dr. Black & Mr. Hyde, Dolemite, The Human Tornado, The Disco Godfather
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