Keep My Grave Open 1975

director: S.F. Brownrigg  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The House Where Hell Froze Over



"Enter into the other side of MADNESS"

This is a film of horror, a sexually driven woman and a series of bizarre murders.
A hitchhiker seeking shelter comes to a lone mansion and sees a single light in a window; knocks but no one comes to the door. He enters and ransacks the kitchen. After finding what he can he leaves and builds a fire away from the house and begins to eat. Suddenly he hears a noise, turns and is run through by a sword.
The next day you meet the lady of the mansion. She calls to someone in the house named Kevin, says “I’m back”, leaves tea at his door and tells him she loves and will protect him. Another murder soon takes place. By this time you are beginning to wonder if there may be no one else in the house; that the lady is deranged and sexually obsessed by the imaginary Kevin. Things grow even stranger: a doctor is trying to help her and in the process is nearly killed. A young man is seduced by the lady and is grotesquely murdered. Soon the lady brings a woman of the streets in to service Kevin. The woman tries to escape when the lady replaces Kevin and she is killed in one of the most unusual scenes of the picture.
By now the breakdown is complete. The lady of the mansion commits suicide and at her funeral there is a tall, handsome man who is the last to leave her lonely grave. The man is Kevin. He turns, walks to the house, enters and calls upstairs and says “I’m back”!

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Distributor Champion
Catalogue Number CV005
Release Series
Release Date July 1982
Duration: 79m 46s
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Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
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