The Alien Dead 1980

director: Fred Olen Ray  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • It Fell from the Sky
  • Swamp of the Blood Leeches



THE ALIEN DEAD is the story of a young newsman and the trouble he gets into when he discovers his town is infested with monsters. The story begins when alligator poacher, Griffith, loses his wife one night in the Black Hammock swamp. He tries to tell the Sheriff about the monsters that got his wife, but no one will believe him. Reporter Tom Corman decides to check out the swamp and meets with beautiful swamp dweller, Shawm Michaels, whose father, Emmet Michaels tells Tom a fantastic story about giant possums, which Tom rightly assumes to be nonsense. While on a late night walk with Shawm, Tom discovers the mangled corpse of Mrs. Griffith, but Sheriff Kowalski is still not convinced that there are creatures in the swamp. The next day Tom and Shawm scout the swamps in a boat and are almost overturned by the creatures, who eat human flesh, and survive somehow underwater. The Sheriff and Deputy Campbell are sure the killer is a crazed alligator and put a bounty on it. As Tom predicts, the bounty draws many locals out into the swamp seeking reward but finding horrible deaths. Tom manages to retrieve a piece of flesh torn off a monster they ran over with their boat and he takes it to the Game Warden, Miller Haze, for further study. After looking at it Haze and Tom decide to check out the story of a half mad girl who claimed to see something fall out of the sky one night into the swamp. At Mae Hawkins' house they hear the story of a strange speeding meteorite that fell one night, crashing into a houseboat full of people. The mutating effects of the meteor revived the mutilated passengers and they became flesh-eating ghouls. Haze reckons that their victims may also come back to life after death and thus create a veritable army of the living dead! However, it may be too late to battle the ghouls as they are over running [sic] the rural communities, killing and devouring. When they find the road blocked, Tom Shawm and Emmet are forced to run for cover, leaving their truck behind. They take refuge in an old cabin, but not before Emmet is killed by Doc Ellerbe, once a friend now one of the living dead. The survivors fight the ghouls at the cabin, but only a few remain alive at the film's action packed climax.


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