The Tiger Strikes Again 1977

director: Hwa I Hung  



Hong Kong

Alternative Titles

  • The Last Strike
  • Soul Brothers of Kung Fu
  • Kung Fu Avengers



Three fugitives - Wong Wei-loon, Lee Tsai-Yuan and Chang Siu-san - are picked up by a fishing-boat and taken to their dreamland, Hong Kong, where, by dint of perseverance, they soon find work and settle down. Wei-loon likes kung-fu and often practices with Siu-san, deriving satisfactory results.
One day, Wei-loon and Siu-san see two drunken foreigners bullying a fragile negro, Tome, and go to Tome's aid; Tome then follows Wei-loon as his pupil. One of the foreigners, Peter, has a good friend, Chien Shih-piao, who is an underworld leader of a large gang, and he offers to take revenge for Peter's beating.
One day Wei-loon sees an ad about the World Karate Championship Tournament. Wei-loon rockets to fame as a result, and becomes a world-renowned boxer, after the fashion of Bruce Lee.
Upon his return to Hong Kong, Wei-loon is attacked by the three martial artists employed by Shih-piao. He suffers severe injuries, and his fiancee, Tsai-yuan is knocked down and killed by Shih-piao's car.
While Wei-loon is out for a morning walk, another of Shih-piao's gang come to raid his premises, Tome fights them alone, and when Wei-loon arrives, the gang flee. Wei-loon pursues them and defeats them all. On his way back, he is unexpectedly attacked by his old friend Siu-san, egged on by his bargirl lover, Shih-piao's mistress, into betraying him. Trying to duck him without success, Wei-loon knocks Siu-san down. He gets back only to find Tome tied up to a tree and Shih-piao nearby, whereupon he springs upon him. In desperation, Wei-loon use his Finger Manoeuvre to stab Shih-piao to death.

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Distributor Inter-Ocean
Catalogue Number IOV002
Release Series
Release Date 1980
Duration: 83m 48s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton
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