The Attic 1980

director: Gary Graver   George Edwards  



United States



13 steps to TERROR!
THE ATTIC...13 steps to terror... a dark and frightening place where fantasy and nightmares meet. Our story starts with a home movie of a handsome blond young man with a pretty girl. The film is watched by a grief-stricken Louise (CARRIE SNODGRESS), who has slashed her wrists in a suicide bid. But soon she is back in her job as head librarian for the local town. Louise lives with her father, Wendell Elmore (RAY MILLAND), confined to a wheelchair because of an accident for which Louise was responsible. At 17 she was to have married Robert Farnsworth, the young man in the home movie, bur he mysteriously disappeared on their wedding day. Louise still lives in a forlorn hope that Robert will return to take her far away from the cruel tyrannies of her crippled father. In the closed attic of her mind Louise fantasizes her father's death in many bizarre ways. She knows he was behind her pet monkey, Dicky, going missing. But, unknown to Louise her father can walk. On a cliff outing one afternoon Wendell's wheelchair overturns and, unthinking, he stands up by himself. Louise, shocked and outraged by his deception all these years, pushes him over the cliff to his death. Her mind beginning to crack, Louise hurries back to the house determined to find her father's hidden fortune. She locates the key to THE ATTIC - the one room forbidden entry to her. There she finds her pet monkey, Dicky, hanging decaying on a nail. She backs away in terror when she discovers a skeleton dressed in a frayed wedding suit. As she screams out Robert's name, THE ATTIC door slams shut amidst a clap of thunder. But her desperate cries are useless - no one will ever hear them - for Louise's fate lies in the THE ATTIC.


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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-A0380
Release Series
Release Date 1982
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User Reviews:
by Yorkie
For a film where not a lot happens for the most part I thought this was superb. Every now and again you watch a film that you were expecting little from as you knew little about and thoroughly enjoy it, this was one of those for me. The plot revolves around Louise, a spinster who looks after her disabled father, she herself is a librarian on the verge of being forced into early retirement. She longs for her love of twenty years previous who went missing unexpectedly and who she has spent the last two decades hoping for a reunification, she really is a very sorry character and you do feel immense empathy for her. The role is superbly played by Carrie Snodgress, with the right mix of mousiness and nuttiness to feel she is both vulnerable and incredibly unstable. The father is a cantakerous old git who makes her life a misery. She fantasises about parenticide regularly and I wanted to help her. The twists at the end are a little predictable and it is by no means a hardened gorehounds main course but as a horror/thriller it works. I would deffo recomend this one if its in a to watch pile somewhere.