The Brood 1979

director: David Cronenberg  




Alternative Titles

  • La clinique de la terreur
  • Chromosome 3



Nola (Samantha Eggar), the estranged wife of Frank Carveth (Art Hindle) is a patient at the clinic of Dr. Hal Raglan (Oliver Reed). The doctor's unconventional techniques alarm Carveth when, after a weekend visit to her sick mother, their five year old daughter Candice (Cindy Hinds) returns battered and bruised. Candice stays with her grandmother Julianna (Nuala Fitzgerald) whose home is suddenly disturbed by an evil presence, Juliana is attacked and killed by a force of incredible power. The police are sure that Candice has seen something but they are unable to get through to her. Barton Kelly (Henry Beckman), Juliana's ex-husband, arrives to investigate and is convinced that the mysterious Dr. Raglan is a dangerous quack. He decides to free Nola from the clinic but before he can act, the pattern of horror is repeated. Frank finds Barton dead and in pursuing a strange presence discovers the attacker - it is unlike anything he has seen before - now even the sceptical police are convinced. At Candice's school her teacher realises that she has two extra pupils but before she can react is viciously attacked and Candice taken away by her strange companions. Determined to find his daughter and fight the evil that has entered their lives, Frank goes to the clinic only to encounter a nightmare of terror and destruction beyond the boundaries of imagination - it is THE BROOD.

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Distributor Alpha (Intervision)
Catalogue Number A-A0364
Release Series
Release Date July 1981
Duration: 87m 44s
Printed Classification
Notes First release, carton
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