Death Game 1976

director: Peter S. Traynor  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Seducers
  • Mrs. Manning's Weekend



...the object is to stay alive
A San Fransisco suburb one stormy October night - large, well kept homes bordered by a wide expense of manicured lawn line the rain drenched street. Bursts of lightning slash across the midnight sky accompanied by eruptive rolls of thunder. The street is void of people. Not a single car is in sight. Even stray animals have sought whatever shelter possible front the ravages of the storm. Inside his stately home, George Manning sits at his library desk. His feet comfortably propped on its surface. A telephone is cradled to his ear. The room, expensively appointed, reflects the lofty position the man has achieved. George, who has just turned forty, is speaking long distance with his wife, Karen, who together with their two young children are away on a trip to San Diego. The conversation is warm and loving, the result of a successful and happy marriage. As George bids Karen good night and replaces the receiver, the front bell suddenly chimes. He arises and moves to the door. Upon opening the door, George is surprised to find two angelic young girls outside The rain drenched girls politely explain that their car has broken down en route to a party and ask George if they could please use his phone to call for help. The girls, appearing helpless and not much older than his own daughter, are allowed in. And with that fateful gesture, George Manning is led into a forty-eight hour hellish nightmare of bizarre mayhem and brutal murder.

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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number
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Release Date 1981
Duration: 83m 02s
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User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Even hardened fans of exploitation and trash cinema are likely to find this lurid shocker, starring the one-time wife of Clint Eastwood and Kirkland from [i]Police Academy 2[/i] as a pair of psycho trollops who make a middle-aged businessman's life a misery. Shoddily made, with eyeball-searing photography, a dirt-floor atmosphere and performances that make the late Rik Mayall's turn in Drop Dead Fred look like a masterpiece of subtle underplaying, [i]Death Game[/i] is the cinematic equivalent of babysitting the two most annoying and hyperactive children in the street, and the jaw-dropping ending makes it abundantly clear that either the money ran out or everyone involved got bored and went home. Jimmie Haskell contributes a goofy song called 'Good Old Dad' that pops up at random moments throughout the brain-scrambling proceedings, and you'll be interested to know that whilst windows can be made shatter-proof, they obviously can't be made cat-proof.