Hercules Unchained 1959

director: Pietro Francisci  




Italy, France

Alternative Titles

  • Ercole e la regina di Lidia
  • Hercule et la reine de Lydie
  • H?rcules y la reina de Lidia



STEVE REEVES is Hercules. In "HERCULES UNCHAINED" he's back performing fabulous feats of human power as the screen has never shown before. The film is a spectacle of massive might which goes far beyond the imagination could ever have conceived. Hercules is enslaved by Queen Omphale (SYLVIA LOPEZ), a scheming beauty who welcomes him into her fantastic kingdom yet plots to rob him of his power. His friend, the youthful Ulysses (GABRIELE ANTONINI) urges Hercules to remember his past triumphs and fight back to regain his fantastic strength. Hercules faces a dilemma between divine responsibility imposed by the Gods and personal fulfilment. Now he wants to reject immortality, fulfil his labours and become like mortal men. In "HERCULES UNCHAINED", Reeves has two luscious leading ladies in SYLVA KOSCINA and SYVLIA LOPEZ. He also co-stars with another legendary strongman, PRIMO CARNERA. As presented by Joseph E. Levine, American showman supreme, "HERCULES UNCHAINED" became a massive record-breaker taking millions of dollars at the cinema box-office. Directed by Pietro Francisci, Hercules is a dauntless hero of epic bravery whose incredible adventures involve audiences with spectacle, glamour, breathtaking action, romance and sheer escapism which far surpass your wildest dreams.


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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-A0393
Release Series
Release Date December 1982
Duration: 92m 51s
Printed Classification
Notes Released first as a complete carton and later as a wrap-around sleeve
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