Jessi's Girls 1975

director: Al Adamson  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • Wanted Women



Renegade women - tough as they come! Ravaged... Savaged... They fought dirty and loved hard!
Saddle Tramp Women, Hard and Vicious with Revenge --- They are... JESSI'S GIRLS. Jessica and Seth, a newly-wed Mormon couple are en-route by covered wagon from Utah territory to Arizona and are accosted by a gang of hoodlums headed by Brock. The hoodlums devastate the Mormons' belongings, rape Jessica, and kill Seth. They also shoot Jessica leaving her for dead. Jessica survives, removes the bullet from her wound, buries Seth and sets off for help. She eventually finds the cabin of Rufe, and old prospector who nurses her back to health and teaches her all he knows about gunslinging. Jessica is intent on avenging her husband's death and sets off to track down the gang who raped her and killed her husband. She comes upon a prison wagon en-route to Tucson Prison, and frees the three female prisoners. Claire is a prostitute, Rachel is a gunslinger and murderess, and Kana was originally with Brock's gang and was left behind during the last bank robbery. The sheriff, who was wounded during the fight, is also taken. Jessica gets information about Brock's whereabouts from the sheriff, who escapes during the night and tracks the girls whilst they are tracking the gang. Together the girls kill off the members of the gang one by one in different ways. Rachel is killed during one of the encounters, and Kana sets off to warn Brock about Jessica's intentions. The last scene is in a ghost town where Brock is hiding out with his men. Jessica and Claire, with the help of the sheriff, wipe out the gang members. During the last scene, the sheriff takes for himself the money the gang has stolen and tries to kill Jessica, who ends up killing him. She has avenged her husband's death and killed the greedy sheriff.

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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number A-A0292
Release Series
Release Date 1980
Duration: 80m 41s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton
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