Midnight 1980

director: John Russo  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Backwoods Massacre



A blood curdling bestseller from John Russo, co-author of "Night of the Living Dead." A mother, her three sons and daughter, discover a screaming girl caught in an animal trap. Convinced she's a demon, the mother orders her young son Luke to club her unconscious. Later, at Midnight, the girl is sacrificed at a black mass. Years later young Nancy Johnson decides to hitch-hike to her sister's house. She's picked up by Tom and Hank, who also give a lift to a black minister, Reverend Carrington and his daughter. The Carringtons are later savagely murdered. The next morning, two "policemen" arrive and brutally kill Tom and Hank. On seeing Nancy, they chase her to a house where she's imprisoned in a cage along with another woman, Gwen. The devil is at work again. The "policemen" return along with their brother and sister, intending to use the women's blood to purify the rotted corpse of their mother. Sharon, another captured woman is sacrificed in a bizarre and bloody ritual, followed the next Midnight by Gwen. In a chilling climax, a terrified Nancy prays for her soul, as the true horror descends upon her...

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Distributor Alpha (Intervision)
Catalogue Number A-A0451
Release Series
Release Date March 1983
Duration: 88m 15s
Printed Classification
Notes Trailers: None. Rothman's advert

Read more about this video, which is featured in the book Shock! Horror!
User Reviews:
by Bigandy
Who could resist this slice of 80s slasher mayhem from director John Russo? Released on the ever popular Alpha/Intervision label sporting an instantly memorable sleeve, this low budget shocker features Lawrence Tierney in the role of the alcoholic cop stepfather who tries to get overfriendly with his 17 year old stepdaughter.... at which point she runs away from home. Thats when her troubles begin as she gets involved with a couple of likeable lads with a penchant for survival by shoplifting, and a couple of crazy cops out to kidnap young ladies for their mamma's crazy sacrificial rites! And then its up to the heroic pervy cop from the start to come and rescue his stepdaughter from the depraved family in a tense and exciting climax. Featuring a memorable score, and a very catchy theme song, this was a highly successful  renter back in the day. The pre cert is slightly cut.