Under the Doctor 1976

director: Gerry Poulson  



Great Britain



They all demanded special treatment..!
Handsome young Doctor Boyd has a problem on his hands. In fact, he has several and they are all female and all attractive. The cause of his problems - and the secret of his considerable success - lies in his remarkable ability to get his patients to discuss their sexual hang-ups with him openly and frankly. Marion, for example. She's young and she's beautiful, with an overwhelming desire to make love with a total stranger. Lady Victoria's problem is quite different. She has a lover but his lack of prowess is overshadowed by his considerable wealth; Lady Victoria remains unsatisfied. On the face of it, Sandra's problem is much less complicated. She's a breezy, busty blonde who simply believes herself to be a happily married housewife; in fact she's single, lonely and lives at home with her mother. Unfortunately the Doctor's methods prove too successful for him to handle; he is chased around his own surgery by his 'cured' patients, all eager to try out their new found sexual freedom.

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Distributor Alpha (Intervision)
Catalogue Number A-A0359
Release Series
Release Date July 1981
Duration: 82m 59s
Printed Classification
Notes Trailer: The Other Cinderella
User Reviews:
by Yorkie
I wasn't expecting much from this, I thought it was likely to be another badly acted, weak storied excuse for some nudity vehicle. So it was a pleasure to find a little film with some carry-on'esque appeal. The story surrounds a psychiatrist's independent sessions with three women all of whom have some sexual related issues, all have amusing tangents as their tale is told. The score is especially superb, acting pretty decent (can't complain about the odd knocker or two either) and the seventies landscape of London is always a guilty pleasure of mine. If in the mood for some light hearted fun you won't go far wrong with this IMO, though likely not to be to everyone's taste.