The Battle of Manchuria 1973

director: Satsuo Yamamoto  




Alternative Titles

  • Senso to ningen III: Kanketsuhen
  • Men and War, Part 3
  • Battle of Blood



Rave reviews in the international press rate this gigantic war epic as the equal of "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY", "THE BRIDGE OVER THE RIVER KWAI" and "THE LONGEST DAY" in terms of its large-scale action, breathtaking photography, merciless condemnation of the brutality and folly of war. Never before has a film revealed with such shocking clarity and in such unforgettably vivid scenes the hideous face of modern war and the agonies of violent, hopeless and meaningless death that it inflicts on soldiers and civilians alike. This extraordinary film combines gripping action scenes and strong characterizations in utilising the story of two brothers to depict the ghastly fate of millions of nameless soldiers in the Sino-Soviet-Japanese conflict of 1937-39 in Manchuria. Bloodily beaten into unconciousness [sic] by their officers, brutally reduced to zombie-like obedience, trained to kill on command and to use bound prisoners of both sexes for live bayonet practice [sic], these soldier-automatons sacrifice their own lives as unthinkingly as they take the lives of others. Nerve-wracking battle scenes filled with horror and death - the utterly stupid heroism of pitting men against steel tanks - panicstricken [sic] attempts to scratch out foxholes with bleeding fingers - men ground to bloody pulp under the tracks of enormous T-34 tanks - the hara-kiri suicides of the responsible officers, who cannot face their guilty conscience - the hopeless, dumb despair of the defeated army, all these impressive production values make "THE BATTLE OF MANCHURIA" an overpowering intensely dramatic human spectacle.

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