Body Fever 1971

director: Ray Dennis Steckler  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • The Last Original B-Movie
  • Super Cool


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User Reviews:
by Yorkie
What a Turkey! Terrible film, with poor acting, worse dialogue and bland characters you just hate. In fact you want to hit the lead man in the face with a fish. Basically a shit private detective, who thinks he's as funny as a walking whoopee cushion gets a job, just in time ironically as he's skint. Yup all the clichés are evident here, they don't even try and disguise them just smack you on the nose with them. He has to find some junkie bird who has nicked a big cheese/big wheels (yes they use this kind of language) cocaine stash. The girl in question naturally isn't as dumb as she makes out and after all leads the whole dance. Even she looks like she cant be arsed though and delivers each line with the same lack of enthusiasm, I'm pretty sure she just woke up before half her lines. The PI tries to be a goofball, loveable, slightly geeky character that's supposed to appeal to us normal could be hero types. Fact is you want him to get a pasting at every turn. The fight scenes look like they came from Nickelodeon with a few wax works hired to do the dirty as each punch is painfully staged off screen with unbelievably bad editing as a consequence. The expected love scene is embarrassing and the chases resemble an egg and spoon in a retirement home. I can often be a little too kind on B-movie shenanigans as I see what the makers where trying to do and enjoy the whole package or parts of it, this is just shit! If you like really bad movies that are poorly shot, acted and written then find something else as that bar is just too high for this. The best thing about this title is the artwork, you make your mind up from that. PS, it took three sittings to get through!!