Cry Uncle! 1971

director: John G. Avildsen  



United States

Alternative Titles

  • American Oddballs
  • Super Dick



Suave and debonnaire private investigator Jacob Masters (Allen Garfield) and his girl Rene (Pamela Gruen) are interrupted during a tender love scene by eccentric millionaire Jason Dominick (David Kirk). Jake's task is to clear Jason of the murder of Dominick's blackmailing mistress. She had taken movies of Jason in an orgy and Jason paid $50,000 for the negative. Cora Merrill, man-hunter extraordinaire (Madeleine le Roux) is employed by Jason as Jake's assistant. Together they begin to track down the killer. First they question Sprigg (Sean Walsh), a part-time muscle and country music man. Sprigg, under the employ of Dominick, leaned on Caulk (Bruce Pecheur), another blackmailer. Under Cora's persuasive questioning, Sprigg leads Jake to Olga (Deborah Morgan), one of the three girls in the blackmail movie. By dint of hazardous undercover work, Jake gets to the bottom of things and with information extracted from Olga, locates Lena (Maureen Byrnes), Connie (Nancy Salmon) and Caulk. Jake and his nephew Keith (Devin Goldenberg) visit the motel where the blackmailers are hidden. Keith is chloroformed in the motel parking lot and Caulk is killed by persons unknown. The next day, led by a clue, Jake finds Connie dead, as the unknown killer has struck first. Jake suspects Lena, but when Cora is caught lying, Jake proves her to be the murderess. The police shoot their way into Jake's apartment killing Cora - who was about to make Jake her next victim. Jake is shook up over the death of Cora, but soon finds comfort in the arms of Rene.

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Distributor Mountain
Catalogue Number VCSS 2/012
Release Series
Release Date 1979
Duration: 85m 22s
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