The Beach Bunnies 1976

director: Stephen C. Apostoloff  




United States

Alternative Titles

  • Red Hot and Sexy
  • Sun Bunnies



The publisher of "BLUE" magazine, the most scandalest of all scandal magazines has learned that the famous movie star, ROCK SANDERS, accompanied by his gay agent, BRUCE, has iust returned from Denmark after an extended stay and the rumor has it, ROCK had undergone a sex change operation. For a feature story the editors had to find out if the rumor is true . . . Thus ELAINE STREET, the Chief Editor, is sent to Silver Cove Lodge where rock and his agent are staying. Arriving at the lodge with three beautiful girlfriends, BONNIE, SHEILA and LAURIE, ELAINE immediately tries to find ROCK'S room number but the desk personnel refuse to give any information. However while raping a BELLBOY, the number is blurted out. Posing as a maid, ELAINE gets into ROCK'S room while he is showering. Surprised by BRUCE, she does not get to see the star's body. Next, seeing ROCK on the beach she feigns a shark attack. Her plan is to get ROCK into the water where she can grab his crotch, but she is foiled by a young JAPANESE TOURIST who jumps into the surf and pulls her out. Another plan ... in the hallway outside ROCK'S room she fakes a fire. ROCK and BRUCE charge out of their room.' ELAINE grabs the wrong crotch . . . BRUCE . . . She finally succeeds at a beach party where ROCK gets the hots for her. They have an affair behind some rocks and she finds that ROCK is really all man. All is interspersed with sexual affairs between BONNE and CHRIS, a catamerand owner; LAURIE and DAVE, a pilot and SHEILA with DENNIS, a rich surfer. SHEILA is also raped by three HIPPIES in a secluded spot on the beach. Luxurious suites in the lodge, beautiful California beaches, gorgeous girls and well endowed he-men expound in this latest A.C. STEPHEN'S production of "THE BEACH BUNNIES," directed by STEPHEN C. APOSTOLOF who gave you such hits as "THE SNOW BUNNIES" and "FIVE LOOSE WO- MEN."

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