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13 Original cartoon stories Calimero's impulsive and generous gestures inevitably have disastrous consequences for his friends. His innocent actions, all in good faith, always seem to have unexpected results. Luckily, his friends understand and he usually escapes without punishment.

1. Calimero is born: After he hatches, Calimero looks around for a mother, and eventually finds one.
2. Calimero meets some villains: A falcon and wolf find themselves in trouble because of Calimero's naivety.
3. Discipline for Calimero: After failing Prof. Owl's flying lesson, Calimero joins the army.
4. Calimero, the service-station attendant: Calimero's good intentions land his father, Galletoni, in trouble.
5. Calimero and the robbers: Calimero unwittingly helps to catch some robbers.
6. Calimero the singer: Priscilla and Calimero win a song contest but Peter Duck outwits them.
7. Calimero's debts: Calimero's father ends up paying for somebody else's restaurant bill.
8. Calimero's good deed: Calimero tries to do a good deed but finds it's not as easy as he thinks.
9. Calimero plays with Priscilla: Priscilla's games bore Calimero so he starts playing in a band.
10. Calimero and the boxer: After expulsion from school, Calimero persuades his cousin Teofilo to participate in a boxing match.
11. Calimero and the go-karts: Calimero has bad marks for his homework but he manages to stop some tricksters at a go-kart race.
12. Calimero the actor: A school play ends in disaster. Then Calimero exposes a rogue fox for selling medicine.
13. Calimero and photography: When Calimero's father gets a job as a photographer, Calimero helps to arrest a pick-pocket.

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Distributor Spectrum (PolyGram)
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Release Date September 1981
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