The Amorous Milkman 1974

director: Derren Nesbitt  



Great Britain



The Amorous Milkman. With that extra bottle! If your pussy could only talk!
Davey Canning is young, healthy and harmless. All he wants to do is to hold down his job as a milkman and to have a little fun. But fun with blonde and busty Rita lands him in court on a rape charge, fun with Diana puts him into the multiple fracture ward in the local hospital and fun with Marge and Janice - well, it's just as well all that yoghurt is full of energy. It's a milkfloat full of belly laughs as Davey stumbles through life pursued all the way by beautiful girls and their crazy parents.

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Distributor Portland
Catalogue Number AR12
Release Series
Release Date
Duration: 90m 04s
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Notes Taken from the Walton release
User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Remember the advertising slogan for Argento's [i]Suspiria[/i] that claimed the only thing more frightening than the last twelve minutes of [i]Suspiria[/i] were the first ninety-two? Well, say a cautious hello to the film that slumps into manic depression in its final half hour after a long (very long) sixty minutes of tedium. British actor Derren Nesbitt sold his yacht to finance this tawdry sex comedy, only to see it sink without trace at the box office amidst lurid newspaper reports concerning him thrashing his wife with a leather thong. Cast-wise, the usual suspects turn up, sleepwalk through a few unfunny lines, cash the cheque and try to forget the whole sorry business - Diana Dors, Alan Lake, Bill Fraser, Fred Emney, Anthony Sharp, and even [i]Dad's Army[/i] stalwart Arnold Ridley has a cough-and-spit role as an elderly retainer at a porn cinema. Technically, however, the film resembles someone's dreary home movies, and not even the wall-to-wall nudity can save boredom from setting in at a very early stage. Nostalgia masochists might get a kick out of the fashions and decor, but everyone else should give it a very wide berth.