The Living Dead 1974

director: Jorge Grau  




Spain, Italy

Alternative Titles

  • The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
  • Fin de semana para los muertos
  • Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti
  • Don't Open the Window
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie



A horror film that will make your flesh crawl. Rejuvenating themselves on the flesh of the living, the dead are revived. To walk again and torment their tormentors. A clever film with twist after twist, right up to the final horrific climax.

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Distributor VIP (Video Independent Productions)
Catalogue Number VIP002
Release Series
Release Date June 1982
Duration: 88m 56s
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Trailers: Contamination

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User Reviews:
by horror1
Directed by spanish born Jorge Grau who actually turned out one of the better zombie movies.Dealing with the dead been brought to life by the ultrasonic radiation from a agricultural pest machine.The film has it's hero George (Ray Lovelock) who has the task of trying to to deal with the undead and a cop McCormick (Arthur Kennedy) who is hell bent on nailing George for all the murders which have been commited by the undead.An excellent film which the director treats us to some lovely locations,with the lush greens of the countryside strange how it took a foreign director to bring the best out of our own back door.Best lines in the film is where McCormick says to George "and you hate the police for some reason" and George replies "you make it easy".Released at the cinema in 1975 under it's more colourful title "The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue" was cut of most it's gore but released on video on the VIP label with all intact including a telephone answering girl having her breast ripped off.The Living Dead has become a firm favourite among zombie fans.A must see.