Zombie Flesh Eaters 1979

director: Lucio Fulci  





Alternative Titles

  • Zombi 2
  • L'enfer des zombies
  • Woodoo - Die Schreckensinsel der Zombies



When the earth spits out the Dead... they will return to tear the flesh of the Living...
In Hudson Bay a sailing-boat that has a neglected appearance is drifting slowly out to sea. A coast-guard boat draws up alongside and a policeman goes into the cabin. His colleagues do not see him come out again and one is about to go into the cabin when a terrifying sight appears out of the hatchway - a man, covered in blood, walks towards him menacingly. Only after being hit repeatedly by bullets from the policeman's gun does he fall overboard and disappear amid the waves. This news causes a sensation and panic in the whole of America, also because the sailing-boat belonged to a famous scientist who disappeared rather mysteriously in the Caribbean. The scientist's daughter Ann together with Peter West, a famous American journalist, set out to look for him. The two of them set sail on a schooner belonging to Brian, a young American ethnologist, and Susan, a young underwater photographer. Far out at sea, Susan dives to take some photographs, but is attacked by a huge shark; however, she is saved by a Zombie who unexpectedly appears out of the depths of the ocean. In the meantime, on Matul Island, in the Antilles, Professor Menard is carrying out strange experiments. What follows in the Caribbean and later in New York is terrifying - ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS are here!!

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Distributor VIPCO
Catalogue Number VIP024
Release Series
Release Date November 1981
Duration: 87m 01s
Printed Classification
Notes Read more about this video, which is featured in the book The Art of the Nasty
User Reviews:
by Lee James Turnock
Considering it began life as nothing more than a quick cash-in on George A. Romero's [i]Dawn of the Dead[/i] (which was re-cut and reshaped for Italian audiences by none other than Dario Argento, with an appropriately eerie soundtrack by prog rockers Goblin) and Lucio Fulci was a last minute replacement for Enzo Castellari, [i]Zombie Flesh Eaters[/i] has done pretty well for itself, and its ongoing reputation as one of the key texts of splatter cinema is due in no small part to Vipco's decision to release a 'STRONG UNCUT VERSION!' at a time when the truncated BBFC-approved X-rated version was still doing the rounds of cinemas up and down the country, allowing horror fans to see throats torn open, heads blown apart, eyeballs impaled on wooden spikes and several of the titular ghouls making a meal of the recently-deceased Olga Karlatos. Fast-paced, handsomely photographed with some impressive location work, well-directed by the gorefather himself and featuring a surprisingly starry cast (Richard Johnson! Ian McCulloch! Tisa Farrow!), [i]Zombie Flesh Eaters[/i] is one of only a select few video nasties that will appeal to casual horror fans and cinema enthusiasts alike, making it an absolute must-see.