Death Force 1977

director: Cirio H. Santiago  




Philippines, United States

Alternative Titles

  • Force of Death
  • Fighting Mad
  • Fierce



Three U.S. soldiers returning home after making a killing in the Vietnam black market. Russell & McGee, street kids who grew up rough, and Morelli a born killer, very smart, very crazy. First stop the Philippines to exchange the gold for dollars. McGee and Morelli intend to use their share of the loot as a power base to take over the crime empire in Los Angles. Russell only wants to get home to his wife and new son. After an open sea rendezvous with a Chinese gold buyer. McGee and Morelli decide to do away with Russell. They slash his throat and throw him overboard. Russell however does not die and is washed ashore on a remote south sea island. He is found and nursed back to health by two Japanese stragglers. As time passes the two Japanese become friends. Russell prevails upon Sakuro, who is a Samurai Warrior, to teach him the art of the blade. As the years pass, Russell becomes very proficient as a Samurai swordsman. In the meantime, back in Los Angeles, Morelli and McGee wage a bloody and ruthless campaign to take over the crime empire and McGee makes a vain attempt to win the affection of Russell's beautiful "widow". Back on the island, Russell is eventually found by Philippine soldiers. Sakuro however will not surrender and takes his life in the traditional Japanese fashion. Russell returns home and cannot find his wife Maria. His heart full of hate for McGee and Morelli, he begins a violent one man war to destroy their crime empire. What follows gives a bloody climax to an excellent film.

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Distributor VRO (Video Network)
Catalogue Number VN0005
Release Series
Release Date January 1982
Duration: 91m 44s
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