Black Decameron 1972

director: Piero Vivarelli  



Italy, France

Alternative Titles

  • Il Decamerone nero
  • Africa-Erotica
  • The Black Decameron



Natural sensuality - uninhibited sexuality...
"The Sensuality of the Negro is a natural sensuality, unlike the eroticism in vogue among European and American civilisations today. This peculiar sensuality is an inborn trait...". THE BEAUTIFUL QUEEN. The story of a ravishing queen who devises all manner of impossible tests for her suitors. All fail, some die, until a cunning artisan tricks her into submission and satisfies her sexual needs. THE CURE OF A CRAZY WOMAN. Crazy for sex, that is, except with her poor husband who is no longer able to cope with her excessive demands. Eventually friends persuade her to take a cure by immersion in a "magic" lake. THE PUNISHED LOVERS. To check on his wife's fidelity, a man pretends to go suddenly blind. She is, of course constantly unfaithful and he, before pretending to miraculously regain his sight, manages to play her lovers off against each other and gets them killed off, or sentenced by the village judge. THE PROSTITUTE'S REVENGE. After her brother has been wrongly convicted and punished, a clever prostitute takes her revenge by promising and shaming - simultaneously - the three village dignitaries responsible; the Priest, the Governor and the Judge. WHAT I HAVEN'T DONE: SIMOA'S ENDLESS SEARCH. A handsome young hunter has always lived in the jungle and never had any sexual experience. One day he is taken to the village and shown what he's missing. Rapidly acquiring the flavour he travels far and wide and indulges in all sorts of sexual adventures, until he finally falls in love with a very beautiful and clever young girl.

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Distributor Intervision
Catalogue Number
Release Series
Release Date 1981
Duration: 88m 55s
Printed Classification
Notes Gatefold carton. Rental only
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