The Dirty Half Dozen 1976

director: Cesar Chat Gallardo  



Philippines, United States

Alternative Titles

  • Hustler Squad



The Philippines are occupied by the conquering army of Japan. Paco Rodriguez, (Ramon Revilia) Guerilla Leader of the underground is the sole survivor of a suicide attack that failed on Corabolis Island, site of an enemy pleasure palace for visiting enemy top brass. The Allied command based in Australia has information on when and who such top brass will be enjoying rest and relaxation on the island. Their mission to devise and execute a suprise [sic] attack in just 60 days. U.S. Army Major Stony Stonewall (John Ericson) picked to head the mission, has complete rein on the operation. His first request is that Paco be flown to Australia to work with him. The two devise a plan to recruit professional prostitute, train them for army combat, and infiltrate them into the Japanese stronghold to kill the top brass.
Lt. Jennifer West. (Karen Ericson) is picked to help the pair round up their killers. Their search turns up Rose Carson. (Nory Wright) from the womens [sic] prison. She is a hellcat, and obsessed with giving men a taste of her charms. Anna Oleson, (Johanna Raunio) is recruited from the refugee camp where she has just been informed she has a terminal disease with only a few months to live. Cindy Lee Dawson, (Lynda Sinclaire) a prostitute on the run from the syndicate joins the group with the promise of protection. Sonya (Liza Lorena) a Philippean [sic] refugee rounds out the group. She has a score to settle with the Japs, who killed her entire family. These four together with Paco and Stony make up the dirty half dozen.
Following their training they parachute to the Island of Luzon, and join with the madame who selects the girls chosen to entertain the brass at Corabolis.
Once on the island. they select their targets, lure them to bed and prepare for the kill... With proper timing, Sonya dispatches her mark with a sword thrust. Rose drops an electric cord into the bath tub as her escort bathes. Cindy Lee, uses a scissorhold to strangle her suitor, and Anna is rescued by Paco who cuts down the admiral with a machine gun blast.
Mission accomplished they head for the beach and a pickup by Stony. In their fight one by one the girls are killed until only Paco and Anna remain. Huddled behind rocks for protection Paco gives Anna his good luck amulet, which has protected him from harm during his guerilla fighting, and bids her to make for the beach as he gives her fire cover. He is killed but the plan has worked and she makes the beach for rescue by Major Stony.
The "Hustler Squad" succeeds in pulling off the most unorthdox [sic] mission in military history, and Anna the only one marked for death in the beginning has found a new life and protection by Paco's good luck amulet.

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